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Do Kids Sandals, Boots, Sneakers and Shoes Fit Differently?



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Do Kids Sandals, Boots, Sneakers and Shoes Fit Differently?

Do Kids Sandals, Boots, Sneakers and Shoes Fit Differently

Constantly facing headaches when trying to fit your kids shoes? At Bobux we get it, and we want you to find the perfect fit kids shoes that are especially made for growing feet. 


If you’re wondering whether different kids shoe styles fit differently, the answer is yes. Although shoe sizes are based on the same measurements, different styles of shoes including sandals, boots and sneakers tend to fit differently than others due to minor design differences between styles. Our article today will help you understand the difference in fit for different kids shoe styles.


Children will often switch between different shoes for a range of occasions, activities or seasons, therefore it is important to understand how to correctly fit our kids across a variety of shoe styles. 


We know that our children’s feet grow at a rapid pace, however we don’t necessarily endorse the poor health benefits that arise from fitting our kids in the wrong sized shoes. After all, many of us parents are guilty of putting our kids in a pair of hand-me-down shoes that are 2 sizes too big, using the famous ‘you’ll grow into them’ line. However, whether they’re too small or too large, the wrong sized shoe causes health implications as well as discomfort for the developing foot, such as hallux valgus, in which the big toe begins angling inwards and causing foot deformity. 

How Should Kids’ Shoes Fit Generally?

Are you asking yourself ‘but how should kids shoes fit’? With so many different styles on the market, it can be hard to recognise the essential factors when fitting your kids shoes. Our Bobux Fit Guide and virtual fitting tool assists you in ensuring that your child not only loves the look of their new shoes, but they feel snug and comfy.  


Check out our top tips for checking the comfort and size of your kids shoes:


  • Place your thumb between the toe and the edge of the shoe to ensure approximately half an inch of growing room.
  • Press your thumb over the toe area to ensure that the toes aren’t squished.
  • Make sure that the shoe is fastened accurately to prevent misjudgment of the actual fit. 
  • Lastly... but most importantly, ask your child whether they feel comfortable in their shoes! 


We understand the importance of fitting your little ones in the correct sized shoes, as this time is imperative in the development of their feet. Learn more about keeping your kids feet healthy and how to properly assist them in their journey. For more tips and tricks, you can check out our guide to fitting your child’s shoes correctly

How Should Kids’ Boots Fit?

Autumn is here and it’s time to start preparing for your kid’s cosy winter wardrobe! If you’re not sure how to fit your little ones in the right size kids boots, we’re here to help! 


Winter boots are a staple for toddlers and kids to keep their feet warm and comfy during the colder months while supporting their development. It is important to find boots that don’t slip, and are secure to provide ultimate comfort during wear. Kids boots should be snug, but not restricting, ensuring your child can wiggle their toes and move comfortably. 



Check out our top picks for boots this winter:  


  • The Jodhpur Boot is our best-selling winter boot that is comfortable, practical and stylish. Like all Bobux shoes, the Jodhpur is designed for the shape of children’s feet. Featuring a highly flexible and durable sole, this style is designed to withstand wear and tear. The slip-on boot features a side-zip and elastic gusset making this shoe perfect for toddlers to  active kids. 
  • The Timber Boot features luxurious, a padded ankle cuff and adjustable strap fastenings. It’s high top design, stitch and lace detailing adds timeless style. Also available in our arctic version, lined with merino wool.
  • The Desert Boot is another Bobux classic, It’s very adjustable with a wide strap closure, this boot allows for a comfortable, yet secure fit. The Desert boot is an all-occasions styles that nurtures the development of growing feet. THis style is also available lined in merino wool.


Bobux’s girls boots and boys boots are made from genuine leather which is durable and flexible. Leather is also breathable, minimising kids feet smells and keeping feet dry. 

How Should Kids' Sandals Fit?

Whether you’re heading away for a well deserved holiday or taking a mini-break to a nearby beach, a trusty pair of kids sandals will come in handy. When thinking about purchasing a pair of sandals for your little one, consider their individual needs. A closed-toe sandal provides more protection, where an open-toe shoe allows  for easier movement and breathing room for the toes. Bobux has a range of gorgeous girls sandals and boys sandals for every occasion.


You may be wondering ‘So how should kids' sandals fit?’. The answer is that they should fit snug whilst allowing movement allowing the foot to breathe.



These are our top tips for fitting your kids sandals: 


  • Allow some room for growth, however ensure that the sandals aren’t too big, a thumb of room is plenty. Bobux shoes come with extra growing room but always check to make sure the fit is right.
  • Consider your child's feet width some styles are more adjustable to suit a range of foot widths. Styles with a double-strap closure for example can be more effectively loosened to fit wider feet, and tightened to fit narrower feet.
  • Ensure that the foot is secure within the shoe, as this will provide the foot with support when your child is active. Sandals offer a high level of adjustability, making them a versatile shoe option. We do not recommend flip flops and slippers for children as they do not offer support and can damage walking posture. 


Bobux offers a variety of sandals for different occasions such as our Quickdry Sandals and our Heritage Collection. When it comes to finding the right fitting sandals for your children, there are plenty of functional considerations that come into play, that’s why we have developed an extensive collection that accommodates for all needs.   

How Should Kids’ Sneakers Fit?

It’s tempting to go for the most stylish pair of kids sneakers from the skate shop when shopping for the kids, however this isn’t always the most beneficial shoe choice for them. A trainer that fits properly is vital to the effective foot development of your child, as their feet continue to grow into their adulthood. A trainer should fit in a snug way so that they don’t become loose with active kids running around. Trainers should have snug support for the length and back of the foot as well as the width of the foot. 


Our collection of High Tops include a collection of street-styles trainers, featuring classic mattes and flashy metallic colourways. Another option is our best selling Grass Court Sneakers which is perfect for everyday wear.Or if you’re after easy slip-on shoes for your little cruiser then you're going to love the Go Xplorer Sneaker. The range of girls sneakers and boys sneakers will be a sure hit with even the fussiest little one.


Follow these steps to ensure that your kids sneakers are fitted properly:


Step 1: Have your child's feet measured. This will assist you in selecting the correct size shoe and not a ‘close enough’ option. 


Step 2: Don’t opt out for a bigger size to allow them room to ‘grow into them’...

This will ultimately result in your kids having a lack of foot support, which will in turn impact their development. 


Step 3: Check how much room they have between their toes and the edge of the shoe. We intend to leave approximately half an inch of room between the toes and the edge of the shoe to prevent pressure on or overcrowding of the toes. 


Step 3: Ensure the fastenings are secure. When choosing trainers for kids, we want to make sure they stay on. Velcro fastening is a great option as well as laces which are adjustable. 


Find Kids Shoes With the Perfect Fit and Style at Bobux

Here at Bobux, we understand that the key to finding the perfect fit for your kids shoes is to always consider the functionality and shoe design! Each shoe within our bobux range has been podiatrist approved and designed to help guide the natural development of the feet. Our shoes are specially designed for little feet, not just any ordinary shoes made in kids sizes. Check out our wide range of soft sole baby shoes, shoes for infants and crawlers, shoes for first walker, shoes for toddlers and the best shoes for kids


Reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable staff when purchasing your kids shoes. Offering convenience and accessibility for all, you can shop online or visit us in store, at a location closest to you.


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