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Finding The Best School Shoes For Growing Feet.



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Finding The Best School Shoes For Growing Feet.

So, your little one is starting school (gulp), or maybe they are heading back after the summer holidays. Either way, you know just as well as we do here at Bobux, that giving your children the right black school shoes for their first day of school will help them find their feet in this next adventure.


Armed with support and guidance from the amazing Tracy Byrne - a podiatrist with over 20 years’ experience, who specialises in early childhood foot health - we’ve gathered the best advice for you to make the right footwear choice for Septembers’ school return.


Tracy Byrne is a London based Podiatrist (specialising in the study of infant foot development, biomechanics and human movement), and mother of two.


So Tracy, what are your top tips for parents when it comes to buying the best school shoes?

The most important thing is to find a shoe that is wide at the toe box, flexible, lightweight and has an adjustable closure. However, navigating a shopping trip can be a bit of a minefield, so also try to…

  • Take your time and don’t rush! Ensuring that you have time to try on different pairs and walk around as you normally would is really important.
  • Ensure your child is not tired or hungry (or even worse - hangry)… as this will make the process difficult and unenjoyable.
  • Bring your own pair of socks - the ones that you would wear with school shoes. Many shops offer a pop sock which is thin and won’t reflect how the shoe will feel when you get it home.
  • Shop in the mid afternoon as your feet are slightly larger due to heat, and water retention at that time.


In your opinion, how long should a pair of school shoes last?

Simple - until you need new ones! This is usually due to growth!


How do you know when your child is ready for a new pair of shoes? 

Checking for wiggle room at the end of the longest toe is the best way to check for fit and you should do so regularly. Looking for breaks and bulges in the toe area on the outside of the shoe is also a good way to check if shoes are too tight. You can of course always rely on your little ones to tell you that their shoes are too tight…




You’ve given us some great guidance on how to shop in-store, but do you have any tips for buying school shoes online?

As well as the cardinal rules of a shoe that is wide at the toe box, flexible, lightweight and has an adjustable closure…

  • Use the provided brands sizing guide carefully.
  • With Bobux I love their Strutfit app, which means you can simply take a photo of your child’s foot on your mobile phone (from the link on the product page) and the app will make an accurate size reading. Including accounting for potential growth - so you don’t even think about ‘going up a size’!                   
  • Have a read of some reviews or feedback from existing wearers online where you can!


When it comes to fit, how do parents ensure their wee one’s school shoes fit correctly?

Firstly, and most importantly - Have the child walk around and tell you how they FEEL! Then carry out the following checks with the child standing straight (NOT sitting);

  • When the feet are hip-width apart; there should be 12mm (a thumbs width) at the end of the longest toe (which is not always the big toe) to allow for growth, wiggle room, and flex as they walk.
  • There should always be a snug fit at the heel with no slippage.
  • The shoe should be wide enough to accommodate the widest part of the foot - no rubbing





If our kids happen to have wide feet, is there a style we should be looking out for (or one we should be avoiding) when it comes to school shoes?

The key thing to look out for here would be any shoe with an adjustable closure such as hook-and-loop straps. The more ‘straps’ the better the shoe can be fitted comfortably to your child's feet.


And how about little ones with particularly narrow feet?

The same again! Get them a shoe with an adjustable closure. Having a fastening that is adjustable provides easy fit for feet or all different widths. Fitting kids with narrow feet is not different to average width, simply adjust to a comfortable fitting. 


And when it comes to materials, is there a difference between leather and non-leather really? Which is better?

Leather school shoes is definitely best as it’s more breathable, flexible and generally more comfortable. Minimise kids feet from smelling bad with quality leather school shoes that are naturally breathable when they are wearing them for hours every day! Plus, if you get a scuff - all you need is some polish or nugget and a good rub down. A great life lesson to start early with too.





So, we’ve found the right shoe (yay), now how do you stop shoes from smelling?

Most shoes don’t actually smell, but kids do tend to have much sweatier feet than adults. It’s the bacteria in the sweat that can cause odour. But to deal with this you can simply spray once a week with an anti-bacterial spray and leave open in a well-ventilated space. Try not to store them in a dark cupboard!


We are a tad biased here, but we think our new School by Bobux shoes are pretty amazing - what is it about the school shoes in this range that appeals to YOU as a podiatrist?

Bobux shoes were originally dreamt up from a genuine and sincere need to create something better for our children’s precious feet, and this has remained at the core ever since. Bobux school shoes are well designed, superb value for money and oh so beautiful!!

The fact that they’ve achieved this and made a product that is extra durable for all day school wear without sacrificing on comfort, quality or lightness is a fantastic achievement.



Trust Bobux shoes for your kids - the best shoes for growing feet. Shop the amazing School By Bobux range of black school shoes now and discover more about Bobux shoes below:


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