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Through our littlest shoes, we’ve brought to life a collection of quirky companions to ride alongside babies and crawlers on their biggest adventures. Inspired by the concept that our shoes can play more than just a protective part in a new baby’s journey and be a best friend too. Bo-Buddies was born!

With lovable charm and unique personalities, each Bo-Buddies character features the softest three dimensional elements for the child to touch and interact with. Floppy ears, curious eyes and whiskers, these cheeky characters will keep pre-walkers company wherever they wriggle.  


Introducing Snap - with a wide toothy grin and loveable charm, this cheeky crocodile will keep pre-walkers company wherever they wriggle. Babies’ feet are free to breathe in our soft premium leather in a wild olive green, and stable for standing in our non-slip suede sole. Can you spot Snap’s colourful scales?


Just like its real-life inspiration, the Little Pup Bo-Buddie Soft Sole is your little one's best friends and loves to play. Character features are made more fun with 3D appliques, while a contrasting sole is printed with speckles for style on the move. Premium leather and expert craftsmanship make our Soft Soles the comfiest shoes for pre-walkers. Fits easily and securely with an elasticated collar, and a suede sole provides non-slip grip for indoor play.


Gruff might look tough with a jagged spine and wild eyes - but like all our Bo-Buddies, Gruff’s a big softie. Monstrous features are accentuated with 3D appliques, while premium leather and suede ensures baby’s feet are comforted and protected. Fits easily with an elasticated collar and offers a safe grip indoors thanks to the non-slip sole.


The Koko Bo-Buddie Soft Sole has a cheeky personality with an adorable look to boot. Premium leather in a cool finish is gentle on delicate skin and fits right in with any outfit. A fun printed suede sole provides flexible grip on indoor surfaces while an elasticated collar fits snuggly and securely.


A floppy-eared friend in blossom pink. Hopsy’s cheeky personality is expressed through touchable character appliques and stitch detailing - a treat for little ones discovering new textures. Crafted from premium leather and suede for softness and breathability, with an easy-on stretch fit and non-slip sole. Pair with any outfit to up the cuteness factor in leaps and bounds.


A magical Bo-Buddie with extra special details. The Dream Soft Sole has all the wonder of a unicorn, embellished with sparkle appliques and hand stitched to bring its features to life. Made from super soft leather and suede, this Soft Sole is non-slip, flexible and fits easily with a stretch collar.


A shimmering toe and colourful appliques bring the whimsical Jelly Bo-Buddie to life. The 3D effect invites little ones to play with their Soft Sole friend, as they learn more about the colours and textures of the world around them. Premium leather is super soft on young skin and moves naturally with every foot movement. Jelly fits securely with a gentle stretch collar and a non-slip suede sole to help little explorers navigate the great indoors safely.


The Whiskers Bo-Buddie Soft Sole in caramel is a delight for little ones learning about texture. A suede character applique with stitch detailing on smooth leather is fun to touch, while smiling Whiskers is a familiar friend to accompany baby on all kinds of adventures. Cute and practical, this Soft Sole is gentle on skin, flexible, and features an easy stretch fit and non-slip suede sole.




Babies spend a lot of time on their backs and tummies building strength through every wriggle, kick and squirm, with our Bo-Buddies characters facing them and supporting them at every turn. 

We thought it was time our super soft, non-slip soles received as much love and attention - from pastel confetti to daisies and stars, each character sports their very own underbelly ready for the world to see.